JW Community Podcast

S06E14 Angus Stewart SC

Episode Summary

A fascinating interview with Angus Stewart SC, and Counsel Assisting to the Australian Royal Commission, speaking on his own behalf, and not on behalf of the ARC or the Commissioners. Angus discusses his own emotional responses to the case studies on Jehovah's Witnesses, what shocked him, what upset him, and who embarrased him (spoilers: it was Lara).

Episode Notes

Angus Stewart, Senior Counsel, has had a long and distinguished legal career, beginning with his passion for justice in South Africa, fighting apartheid, then later working in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and more recently acting as Senior Counsel in the case studies on Jehovah's Witnesses in the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.
Angus discusses, from his own personal point of view, and not representing the ARC or the Commissioners, what the journey was like, learning about the internal law and policy of Watchtower Society, how he became determined to stand for justice for all the victims and for the whole community of ex Jehovah's Witnesses and how he felt about the evidence being presented to him and the people presenting it.